Datu Lito Gawilan ::: Mindanao / Philippines 2007

Datu Lito is the chief of the Matigsalug-tribe.

For rituals and in special cases he is wearing his traditional clothes. He is 37 years old, studied in Manila and is still forcing the traditional pattern of life of the Matigsalug – although he is married with a philippine – she isĀ  living with 4 children in Manila. The tribe is practicing old, traditional rituals and believes in ghosts of nature.Even they are heavy armed (there are always conflicts and struggles against rebels) people are very sensitiv in music and culture. The tribe is based in Sinuda which is reachable from Davao in 3hours by car. There are 18 different ethnically groups in Mindanao – called Lumad.

:::March 04, 2007

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